Blue Voyages Motoryacht
Blue Voyage Motoryachts The silver plate service on board  and professional yacht crew  willing to serve you and  your guests. Your chef will provide you with the most delicious meals that are prepared from the Turkish Cuisine and other...
Blue Voyeges Gulets
Blue Voyage Gulets The way from Datcha to Rhodes and Symi is much closer to Turkey than Greece. Because of this geographical irony, those Greek Islands are getting their supplies and their fresh green groceries from Turkey rather than...
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Yacht For Sale The age of the hull, working hours of engines and generators, and maintenance are all checked by experts. Electrical systems, yacht mechanical systems, panel wiring, shell planking, transfer pumps, yacht propulsion...
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Blue Voyage in Turkey

Untill late 90’s our traditional gulets were built with whatever comes in handy such as spruce pine or chest nut timber which were the most accessible, nowadays this is not the case anymore, The new generation of Blue Voyages Gults are as strong and seaworthy as modern motor yacht, They are spacious, very stable and some of them can laugh to a ferretti or a princess yacht with their luxurious and top of the line interior designs.

Blue Voyage in Turkey

The new gulets are built with epoxy laminated wood plankings which consist of monobloc hull construction and advanced carbon fibers to strengthen the shearing forces and bending moments that we have many foreign clients who prefer to build luxury yacht and Gulets rather than motoryachts since gulet are very spacious and comfortable when it comes to safe sea passages, meanwhile the new generation gulets have twin screws and their cruising speed are not less than average displacement motor yacht which can be pronounced as 12 to 14 knots cruising speed. Furthermore thanks to their long keel design , gulets are always more economic with fuel economy and efficiency under heavy swell or rough seas. Besides their capacity to sail with modern riggings the gulets are three times more economic to Blue Voyage Gulet and operate than average motoryachts. ( Blue Voyage Turkey )

The airconditioning systems , fresh water makers, power generators , bow and stern thrusters, Chartplotters or modern navigational devices are standard installations on Turkish gulet which used to be found on mega yacht only untill recent years.  We consider that gulet and motoryacht are not rivals when it comes to compare them with eachother however motoryachts happens to be consuming far more fuel and there arent so much difference when it comes to luxury cruising with a jacuzzi on board. Blue Voyage Turkey

Blue Voyage with Motoryacht

We have developed a new concept for Blue voyeges motoryacht organization from southern Turkey namely Alanya upto Istanbul in each and every corner of Turkey to Greek islands and finally The whole mediterranean and the most popular travel destinations such as caribbean and the seychelles… Blue voyage motoryacht
Either honeymoon trips for newly weds or a boshphorus trip with a motoryacht, we have envisioned to be everywhere all at the same time. Blue Voyage yacht charter Turkey
Just let us know where and when , the size and the capacity that would be suitable for you and We do the rest , you will receive the most suitable alternatives which you would be able to choose amongst numerous yachts.
Say you need to make a statement to a loved one To propose a diamond ring or a night out with a disco yacht on a special birthday. Either a private getaway or a business gathering, away from the crowd to conclude an important contract with an impressive motoryacht or luxury gulet where you and your guests would have the utmost attention in a deep blue scenery. Central yat proudly announces to be at your service for any of your inquiries concerning yachts either a large yacht or a dinghy , always ready , willing and able to provide you with most suitable ones. Blue voyage with motoryacht